Dear Friends,

Sorry we’ve been so out of touch!

We’re pleased to announce that Natan has selected seven New Media finalists to advance to the final presentation stage.  Unfortunately we can’t release their names right now – but we’re excited that they represent a range of brand new and emerging initiatives, all of which are developing new and creative ways of using New Media technologies.

Of course, along with choosing finalists comes the difficult job of turning so many great ideas down.  We’ve done that now, so if you’re an applicant and haven’t heard from us one way or the other, please let us know ASAP.  No matter what your application status, we want to express our sincere thanks to all of the applicants for taking the time to share their visions, plans and ideas with us.

We hope to reflect later – when the process is concluded – on the kinds of applications we received and how they meshed, or didn’t mesh, with our funding goals.   Generally, we can tell you that of the almost 70 applications we received, most came from existing nonprofit organizations using New Media technologies to expand their impact and increase their presence, with a handful coming from new initiatives or individuals.  One thing that’s very clear from the pool of applicants is that there’s a huge need in the Jewish community for funds to upgrade the technological capabilities of nonprofit organizations.  Natan alone doesn’t have the kind of resources it’ll take to solve this problem, so we’re looking forward to discussing it with other funders and with all of you as time goes on.

A word about timing: we’re obviously not on the same timeline we had hoped to be at this point, which we regret!  The overwhelming number of applications to this and to our other grant committees has delayed our timing, and we’ve decided to put the New Media applications onto the same timeline as our other committees.  As such, we’ll be notifying organizations about their final grant status by December 31, and we’ll be announcing the full list publicly in early January 2012.

Shabbat Shalom!



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